Response to Mountain Lion Federation and Jared Huffman regarding Dan Richards DFG

“Mountain lions are a specially protected mammal in California, with the sport hunting of them banned since 1990. Richards had traveled to Idaho in January — where it’s legal to shoot lions.  There are several online petitions asking for the removal of Richards from the Commission. … add your name to the list of those opposing Richards’ behavior. There is no “official” aspect to these petitions at this time.”

“stressing the value of mountain lions and the urgent need to remove Richards from public office.”

My response to the MLF… and their “Feelings”

Regardless of what many “feel” about this man, Dan Richards does do his job. His trip had nothing to do with California or the DFG or Wildlife Services, or anything. He is not in uniform, across state lines, he is properly attired and seems well prepared. He did obey and conform to and within the statutes of the law. You cannot be a person of reason and ask for someone to be “fired” because you don’t “LIKE” what they do or “FEEL” they did the wrong thing. It would be different if he did something unethical, immoral, or heinous but he did not. These are magnificent animals and awesome to see, I know, I do see them and bobcats and deer and… But the point I make is using your head and not your heart to make reasonable and clear choices. I am getting a little frustrated at feeding the plentiful mountain lion population. I lost HALF my flock last winter and spring to Mountain Lions. HALF! This equates to money, food, future food and income, wool, brush reduction for fire, education for kids, and a lot of nights with no sleep. A male lion can claim 15 miles of area as its territory and California has the largest and densest population of lions in the country. Specifically in the Nevada, Placer, El Do, Amador, Calaveras areas. Many people are distraught by the fact that mountain lions are still roaming their original footprint but that the footprint has been overlaid with residential housing. What would we have done? When the lion is seen around your schools, Dan Richards is the one you call… please save our babies… make the neighborhoods safe… catch and release… but the footprint remains.. Remove a lion and another moves in… Sometimes depredation is necessary.


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