Heroes in waiting..

This last week I had the Honor and privilege of attending the funeral of a highly decorated serviceman.
He was a Helicopter mechanic for the Medics most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.  While he was in the VA, suffering from Melanoma that had metastasized, His UNIT never left his bedside.. Never! These guys, all medics… made sure he was taken care of every moment of the day. They took care of his family, too.
Gary was just 35..
He was buried with the highest Honors wow what a ceremony, A flyover by Jets and Helicopters!
When these Heroes spoke at his service I was truly moved. For God, For Honor, For Country, For Freedom..For Each Other! For you and for me.
I had the opportunity to sit with these amazing men for a little lunch after the service, we chatted..
They have returned home, have been serving their country for 15 years as Medics.. Have done more than most surgeons will ever do… and they have NOTHING..NOTHING I tell you.. to use their skills here at home. They cannot even get jobs.  Why have we not given them their credentials to be Nurses, Medics, Physicians Assistants, Doctors back here at home… does their years of training, and hands on account for nothing?
It was sad, I tell you… SAD that we don’t help them, give them jobs in the field in which they were trained.  They have treated, saved, diagnosed more people than the multitudes we have in our hospitals today…

Why can we not help them?  What has to happen? Is this possible?


Weeding the Political Advertising Garden

It is a great day when one word can weed out the undesirables. Like weeding the garden.  In response to the sponsors of the Rush Limbaugh show,  I am glad so many have pulled their sponsorships. It is a great day when one word can weed out the undesirables. I am glad so many have pulled their sponsorships. It allows me the peace of mind knowing that my dollars are not being spent with a sponsor who does not agree with me.

I have cancelled my Proflowers account, and am on the way to find the other sponsors so I can let them know how I feel too. I am anxious and excited to see who the new sponsors are, so I can begin my new relationships with businesses of like minds..

When liberals can call women conservatives ugly names and it is met with approval… you know your society is corrupt and immoral. It is my hope that people like Martha Burk come to their senses soon and not support this hypo-critic stance they have let consume their brains. In her article on Otherwords.com she makes the statement that “most” women support a pro woman candidate? What is a pro-woman candidate? Is it the woman who is a mom, a hunter, a rancher, a provider, a pro-lifer, a lover of animals, an enthusiast, a coach, a wife? Is it someone who can set their feelings aside and make good choices.. then I am all for the pro woman candidate…

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