Proposition 37 in California

I know a lot of you are planning on voting Yes on 37. So I invite you to sit down have a glass of wine while you read this. While my family is a producer of non-GMO foods, (livestock) I am NOT voting for it.. and here is why.
The premise is good, but the approach is all wrong. If it passes, California would have to have “specially packaged” food labeled for sale just in California.
This means, the product covering, the packaging it goes into, the boxes or cases that goes into.. all requiring the specially labeled for CA stickers..

As a farmer and especially around here, small farmers contribute to the bigger farms to produce a product. All of which would have to be certified. Farmers of every size would bear the brunt of the cost. VERY FEW products do not contain GMO’s at some level. Recently even Koshi cereals was busted.
–> Do you really want to pay for special packaging for everything in a package..just for the “California Market”? for everything????<–

Walk down the aisle of even the smallest store.. look at every product.. EVERY PRODUCT!and tell me .. are you willing to pay more for a California OK product label on each item? Ten’s of thousands of items. I have seen supermarkets boasting that they carry more than 50,000 items for a grocery store!!!!..

From Meat to Soda, crackers, soup to broccoli,from Baby food to Toothpaste, to Vanilla, and Saltine crackers, Top Ramen, a Bag of Chips? How about Celery, or an Apple, or Strawberries?
Really?? This is what your a saying when you say yes to Prop 37.

This also means trucks will have to haul just for the CA market, each bill of lading will have to certify it is “California Labeled” before crossing into Ca to deliver to the stores.. Really -–> Are you really willing to pay extra for this??
If we really care wouldn’t it be easier to label from the other end.. [ a product free of GMO’s ] as a specialty product and not for the 99% of EVERYTHING ELSE ON THE SHELVES? … If you live in CA you will have to bear a huge burden if this passes..
We already have the highest gas prices in all 50.. –> What are you willing to pay for a label?

Whether you shop at Azure, or Mt People’s Co-op, Grind and grow your own.. or shop at the $ .99cent store. It will be the same.. It will ALL have to be specially labeled for CA. You know the little cherry stand? Well it’s the same story there. Do you think those trees have been GM’d? Yes they have. To grow faster, resist diseases,

Oh, that Glass of wine you sat down with… Every vine younger than 30years has been grafted on to a parent plant that constitutes GMO!

Tuesday’s cheap night at the movies, eat the GMO popcorn, drink your GMO vitamin WATER, eat that box of GMO Raisinets, keep in mind each one of those things will then have to be specially labeled in CA resale packaging…. Are you really ready for this??? “Oh Honey, did you feed the dog his special GMO California Labeled dog food??” Fresh produce.. aw, if I were you I would just buy the stuff from Mexico or Chile, or some other country even though California is the number one grower of produce in all the USA.. and leading worldwide exporter.. but wait.. ..That foreign stuff….It’s exempt.

So what is exempt? ” Dairy products, eggs, meat and poultry are all exempt. Fruit juice requires a label, but alcohol made with some of the same GE ingredients is exempt. Food sold in a grocery store requires a label, but the same food sold in a restaurant is exempt. Food imported from China and other foreign countries are exempt if sellers simply claim their products are “GE free”. Unscrupulous foreign companies can game the system. ”

Get the facts.. do your homework…


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