Kids~Shooting Sports and how new laws will impact them

Dear Honorable Sir:
I am a 4th generation Californian. My great grandparents came west a very long time ago… Our family has been institutional in the prosperity and success of this great state for more than 100 years… This year we celebrate 100 years of 4-H of which I have been a volunteer leader for over 20 years, too. I currently serve on the STATE OF CALIFORNIA 4-H SHOOTING SPORTS ADVISORY COMMISSION. We have been teaching and educating kids in the safe use and operation of firearms for as long as 4-H has been around. We are institutional in creating avenues to events like the Olympics and the World Cups. We keep our kids and young adults current and connected to the world of shooting sports. What is it about shooting sports? We have a proven track record of teaching children; eye hand co-ordination, success, team building without the competition, self esteem building, discipline, love for the out of doors, respect for self and others, love of family and how to be successful members of community, along with many other fine attributes.

The bills that are currently before us hurt us in every aspect of the attributes listed above. Our Olympic hopefuls shoot 1000 rounds a week sometimes, and we recycle all that lead… it is resold again and again and sales tax is collected over and over on the same small shot. Our Olympic hopefuls speak and present to local Rotary and Lyons clubs for support. Many of our kids compete with the same guns their parents used. In the course of a season, we have approximately 800-1000 kids in just the state of California practicing safe gun handling on any given day. In any given season, we travel as families, spending money and supporting our host communities, over and over…
Much like One Hundred years ago, kids who are taught safe gun handling and discipline can take down reassemble and clean any firearm. They are well aware that it is a tool… We have one of the lowest accident rates of ANY YOUTH SPORT!!!! Documented over and over again.
Hunting teaches a young person the value of a life, gives him/her the opportunity to feed themselves or others, and allows them to take a firm responsibility for their actions.
It is my contention that these bills. ALL OF THEM will only hurt the citizens of this once great state. It will drive more taxpaying citizens away, and will hurt our state in the competitive arena, severely. Currently, the most noteworthy and young up and coming athletes are predominately from California. The most medals ever won by an Olympian is in the shooting sports and from our great state…
While I agree there are some major issues to be dealt with, I think these bills will do more harm than good. It creates a society of discriminated against, profile group of Californians that have to adhere to Laws more like a criminal, than taxpaying, contribution members of their communities. California has THOUSANDS OF SQUARE MILES of Rural area, where we live, work and raise our families.
We protect our children and our livestock from predators with guns… We drive long miles for food and we grow and put food on the table… WE are California… Please reconsider on these bills…
We love our sporting guns, our sports for our kids, we love hunting and the value of the education, and we love families. We love our community clubs and they love us.
Proud member of USAshooting, CYSSA, SCTP, AIM, ATA, Boy Scouts, CMP, NSSA-NSCA, 4-H Shooting Sports. All youth, all the time… creating leaders for tomorrow.

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